Illustration and Social media campaigns

Campaign posts for Ola cabs for thier social media page to promote and highlight ways they are better than other taxi services

Campaign 1:
The Monsoon Shield

Cabs offer the best refuge on the roads during the monsoon.


An animated video where we capture the din of the street with many vehicles, honking and rain to the calm, soothing interior of the cab where a person relaxes in peace.

A video transitioning a street filled with traffic and rain pouring down, to the calm within the safety of a cab.  

The passenger inside the cab is relaxed and unperturbed by the noise and chaos outside.

It’s a wet, soppy, jungle out there. Stay clean, dry and peaceful on the road with an Ola.


Campaign 2:
Ready before you are

Based on the campaign thought of ‘Ready Before You Are’, we often end up booking an Ola too early.


The Ola cab is so punctual that it reaches the passenger before they are ready themselves.

A comic to show the storyline of someone booking a cab assuming it will take time to arrive.

Frame 1: A group of people at a concert.
Frame 2: one of the girls gets a notification on her phone that the Ola’s arrived
Frame 3: Girl now in the rear seat, now listening to music on her earphones as the concert continues in the background

You can pick the sad song that’ll play in the background when we’re #ReadyBeforeYouAre