Concept: A visualisation showing the juxtaposition between my mundane life during lockdown and isolation, and the historic life-altering global events since 2020.

Visual: An illustration of a mundane object from my surroundings vs an event in the world.

A - a 20 year old decorative Amsterdam house on my desk + a Covid-19 vaccine camp

B - my Oculus headset + bitcoin

C - my best friend with whom I spent most of my time (she’s doing yoga as I laze around) + a tsunami that hit Haiti in 2021

F - The Taliban takeover on Afghanistan + a city piece from the board game Catan

G - Capitol building attack by Trump supporters + my cup of coffee

I - Russian missile launched towards Ukraine (Puck Futin) + a tampon

J - my room plant + a dolphin, representing underwater life that flourished during the lockdown (one of the few good things that’ve happened)

O - Covid-19 + a bowl of fruit loops that got me through the first lockdown

Q - a mini globe + Kamala Harris (first woman of colour) being elected as VP

R - my mini mannequin + Black Lives Matter

T - my gua sha roller + Covid-19 vaccine

W - heels + Prince Harry leaving the the Royal Family title

Y - my Apple Pencil + Farmers protest in India
I didn’t end up doing all due to other commitments, however, it was really interesting to reflect on the last 2 years and the juxtaposition of events through the few letters I created!