Brand Identity and campaign design

The ‘Natural Language Translation’ mission of the PM-STIAC aims to make opportunities and progress in science and technology accessible to all in their mother tongue.

Through this mission, it is envisaged to provide technology solutions for speech recognition, translation and text-to-speech using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning tools.

Using a combination of machine and human translation, the mission aims at enabling access to teaching and research material bilingually – in English and one’s native Indian language.


The design langauge draws a bridge between technology and languages.
The translation is shown through english letters and the 3 most common native languages in India- Hindi, Urdu and Tamil.

The simple design that represents the various languages communicates directly to people about the objective of the campaign.

The graph-like design langauge represents the quick electric process of translation through humans and machine learning from English to the relevant langauge.

Badges and tote bags are distributed as a part of the campaign to spread awareness and excitement!