UI UX and Website design

Flower Cure' provides alternate medicines for various problems regarding physical and mental health. The client's demand was only to keep the website subtle but attractive.

I found the remedies and their ingredients extremely fascinating as they involved exotic flowers, and decided to use them as a way of branding their website. Health is an aspect of design that has always seemed very boring and generic. Since Flower Cure caters to both physical and mental health, I brought a lot of colour and visuals through its ingredients to the identity.

Colours play a crucial role in impacting someones attitude towards something, and specially since mental health was included in the treatment it was important to bring positivity and encouragement to the product and the user's experience.

With knowledge at the palm of our hands with the internet and hundreds of other natural products in the market, we like to research before purchasing any new product. This is where transparency with information stood out as a great idea to let the user learn about which flower is used for what and how.

The navigation of the website helps customers understand their probelms and find the right medicines.

Green was decided for the physical health remedies and yellow for the mental health remedies as they were the most neutral colours in the palette and didn't overlap with the illustrations that were done previously by another artist.